Market Tapestry


Defining the “character” of the region sometimes involves segmentation. Segmentation systems suggest that people with similar tastes, backgrounds, and lifestyles gravitate toward and connect with one another. The market tapestry map presents areas within Southern Dallas County where people with various similar characteristics and backgrounds tend to cluster. The market tapestry is a fascinating snapshot of lifestyle choices. Based on demography and geography, the main purpose of this type of data is targeted marketing efforts, but the high-level picture of types of neighborhoods and the people who live in them based on the activities and expenses of those people is a compelling story all on its own. Some segments develop as a result of age, some show up as a result of income, and still others result from ethnic influence.

ESRI’s Tapestry Segmentation shown on the map combines the “who” of lifestyle demography with the “where” of local neighborhood geography to create a model of various lifestyle classifications or segments of actual neighborhoods with addresses—distinct behavioral market segments. To create this map, U.S. census tracts are divided into 65 distinctive segments based on socioeconomic and demographic characteristics to provide an accurate, detailed description of U.S. neighborhoods. These segments are then grouped into the 14 Tapestry Segmentation LifeMode Summary Groups, which are characterized by lifestyle and lifestage and share an experience such as being born in the same time period or a trait such as affluence.

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