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The city of Glenn Heights is uniquely situated in both Dallas and Ellis counties. Incorporated in 1969, this young city with a small footprint of only 7.2 square miles, defines the essence of a small community under construction with modern amenities, master-planned neighborhoods, public safety, and community engagement. The city has experienced extraordinary residential growth over the past five (5) years and was recognized as the 22nd fastest growing small city in Texas by the Dallas Business Journal in 2019.  

To help sustain and support the recent population growth trends, the city is focused on enhancements and expansion of public infrastructure including water, sewer, streets, and pedestrian connectivity via sidewalks and trails. The recently completed parks programming and design masterplan and the update to the comprehensive land use plan currently underway, are examples of the strategic efforts being carried out by the local government, businesses, and community residents, to define the future vision for the city.  

As a member of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), Glenn Heights is positioned to leverage the DART Park & Ride Bus Terminal to attract transit-oriented development projects along the Bear Creek and Interstate-35 corridor. This public transit service is also instrumental in connecting the city’s workforce to industry and regional employment centers. The future construction of Loop 9, by the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT), will provide additional access to I-35 along the city’s eastern border and unlock vacant and  undeveloped tracks of land for commercial and industrial investment as Glenn Heights looks to expand the  local economy by adding jobs and industry.  

Safe neighborhoods, new public facilities, community engagement, access to quality schools, religious institutions and a skilled workforce are just a few of the reasons to take a closer look at the city of Glenn Heights! For more information visit

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Marlon Goff
Director of Planning & Development Services
Phone: 972-223-1690 x 455

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